Holiday Homes or Short Term Vacation Rentals in UAE

Feel at home wherever you are!

As a leading real estate investment firm specializing in off-plan, residential, holiday homes, and commercial properties in Dubai, we are experts in managing vacation properties. With a vast network of agents from renowned online travel agencies like, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, FlipKey, Agoda, and Expedia, as well as local travel agencies, we ensure maximum exposure for your property. Our team of specialists focuses on different areas in Dubai, allowing us to optimize your return on investment through holiday home rentals.

We offer fully furnished vacation homes available for rent on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Whether guests need a short getaway or an extended stay, we provide flexible options to cater to their needs. Our comprehensive management services cover everything from marketing and reservations to check-ins, check-outs, and property maintenance. With our meticulous attention to detail, we ensure that your property is in top condition, delivering a comfortable and enjoyable experience for guests.

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Why Short-Term Rental?

  • Profitability is typically higher compared to traditional renting.
  • Your property is under your control and receives regular maintenance with each new tenant.
  • You retain the freedom to use your property whenever you desire.
  • There is no obligation to commit to long-term rentals.
  • Additionally, you are relieved of the expenses associated with advertising your property.
  • The risks of unpaid rent are significantly minimized compared to traditional renting.

Hand over your property to us; we will take care of the rest!

At Amin & Willson we;

  • Transform the landlord’s property into a holiday home.
  • Ensure that the property meets the standards set by DTCM (Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing).
  • Create a welcoming atmosphere for guests, making them feel at home during their stay in our holiday homes.
  • Provide landlords online access to the booking calendar, allowing them to view booking details and even book their own stay directly.
  • Perform property maintenance, repairs, and servicing of all electrical appliances. We also handle utility bill payments on behalf of the landlord, ensuring they are paid on time.
  • Cover all utility bills and service charges associated with the property.
  • Provide a comprehensive report at the end of each month and transfer the rental amount to the landlord’s bank account.
  • Take responsibility for all real estate property-related issues by maintaining communication with the building management, third-party service providers, and relevant government entities.
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What Do We Offer Our Guests?

  • We provide fully furnished and well-equipped apartments for self-catering stays.
  • We provide guests with linens, fresh towels, toiletries, and essential products necessary for short-term stays.
  • Each guest receives a complimentary welcome pack, including fresh water, coffee, tea, salt, sugar, and a fruit basket.
  • A 24-hour hotline is available to assist guests with any inquiries or concerns.
  • We offer airport drop-off and pick-up services, as well as private transfers, for added convenience.
  • Luggage storage is provided free of charge.
  • On-demand tours and site visits can be arranged for guests who wish to explore the area.
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Who Are Our Guests?

  • Our guests include tourists visiting for leisure or business purposes.
  • UAE residents seeking short-term accommodation.
  • Corporate clients in need of temporary staff housing.

We carefully select tenets and manage bookings and update accommodation calendars on various platforms accordingly. We also take care of preparing the accommodation, welcoming guests, and conducting check-in inventories.

For Holiday Home Renters

Feel at home wherever you are!

Price and Quality

  • Our carefully selected homes are tailored to fit your budget, ensuring uncompromised quality, prime locations, and state-of-the-art amenities that are factored into the pricing calculation.

  • We offer the best prices, including special discounts and other promotional offers, with full transparency, guaranteeing no hidden charges.

User-Friendly Website

  • Our website offers clear and concise information, ensuring a straightforward user experience. We strictly adhere to company policies to enhance our service delivery and provide an improved experience for our valued customers.


To commence a partnership for short-term rentals, the property owner enters into a Co-operation Agreement with our company. Subsequently, we register this agreement with the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) and obtain permission to manage the unit.

Yes, as the owner, you can stay in your apartment for yourself or even accommodate friends, provided there are no existing bookings on the desired dates. We prioritize scheduling bookings according to the owner’s needs.

Short-term leases are governed by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) in Dubai. As a result, Ejari registration and Tenancy Contracts are not required for such rentals.

Our team conducts regular market research, closely monitoring rental and hotel rates based on the area and specifications of the property. We use these findings to establish competitive pricing, ensuring profitability and a strong position in the market.Content

As property owners partnering with Amin & Wilson Realty, you will receive a detailed accounting report at the end of each month. This report provides a summary of revenues and expenditures for the respective period of the apartments.

Our service fee is a fixed 15% of the rental income. This fee covers the comprehensive range of services we provide as part of our property management solution.

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