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Redefining Real-Estate Investment Consultancy in UAE

At Amin & Wilson, we are committed to providing the highest level of service in Dubai’s real estate investment consultancy. Our dedicated team upholds the highest standards, systems, and performance to meet the needs of every investor. Our primary goal is to help you achieve safe, secured, and guaranteed investment in Dubai properties with a well-defined exit strategy.

Our business philosophy comes with a core premise of ‘only the client in mind’, where we give unwavering focus on putting the client first. This principle permeates every aspect of our operations. It means not only delivering excellent products, innovative solutions, and world-class service but also taking responsibility when things don’t go as planned to ensure your peace of mind.

Our company is a one-stop shop for Dubai real estate investment, and we offer a comprehensive range of services through our multiple departments. Whether you are interested in off-plan investments, ready units for sale, maximizing returns on your owned properties through holiday home management, or long-term rentals to secure consistent income, we have you covered.

Our Values

We Are Client-Centric

Our business is founded with our core premise of ‘only the client in mind’, and we apply this to all aspects of our business. This core value permeates every aspect of our operations, extending beyond providing exceptional products, solutions, and innovative services or having the best financial advisers in the industry. It also involves promptly addressing and resolving any issues that may arise, ensuring that our clients feel entirely reassured and worry-free.

Holistic Financial Planning

Our holistic approach to financial planning considers all relevant factors and addresses the financial challenges that arise throughout the various stages of life. We believe that taking a holistic view of the bigger financial picture is essential to ensure proper financial planning. This approach enables us to allocate resources effectively and make informed decisions that put our clients’ money in the right place at the right time, ensuring their financial security and well-being. We understand the value of our client’s hard-earned money and are committed to safeguarding their assets and maximizing their returns.

About US

Meet Our Team

We strive with our core premise of ‘only the client in mind’ and apply this to all aspects of our business.

Our Mission

  • To provide unparalleled consultation and service in the real estate market of Dubai, with a focus on guiding our clients toward sound investment decisions. We strive to achieve this by delivering exceptional service and devising strategies that guarantee safety, security, and high returns on investments for anyone involved in buying, selling, or leasing real estate. 
  • Our commitment to ethical business practices and social responsibility ensures that we positively impact the communities we serve. We are dedicated to creating long-term value for all our stakeholders, including customers, employees, partners, and shareholders, and to being a leading force in our industry.

Our Vision

  • To be a trusted leader in UAE’s real estate industry, securing high ROI for our clients both locally and internationally.

Our Partners

Our Services

Off Plan Project Investment

Our extensive network and market expertise enable us to offer off-plan properties with diverse investment strategies that provide safety, security, and the highest possible ROI.

          • Optimal payment plans
          • Wide range of units
          • Leveraging investments

Residential Sales

Comprehensive real estate services, from buying or selling a residential unit, and ensure a seamless and stress-free experience from start to finish.

      • Penthouses, villas, apartments, or studios
      • World-class amenities and features
      • Properties to fit your budget

Commercial Sales

Navigate commercial property investments, including office spaces, lands, and industrial spaces, with creative and profitable strategies to succeed in today’s market.

      • Best-commercialized areas in Dubai
      • Most favorable values
      • Higher returns on investment

Investor Services

A clear roadmap of investment strategies to invest in ideal properties in Dubai with the best exit strategies ensuring you achieve the maximum ROI.

Mortgage Finance consultancy

Select the ideal down payment to secure lucrative interest rates and choose a suitable duration that aligns with your investment budget.

          • Best mortgage plans
          • Profitable interest rates
          • Ideal down payments

Leasing Services

Position your property in the market and leverage it in our online and offline marketing channels to expose it to the broadest possible range of potential tenants.

        • Positioning in the market
        • Leveraging in listings
        • Customized real estate strategy

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