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Redefining Real-Estate
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Amin & Wilson is a real estate investment consultancy based in Dubai that strives to exceed client expectations by providing high standards of service. Our primary focus is to fulfill the needs of investors and ensure that they achieve secure, guaranteed investments in real estate properties with a predetermined exit strategy. With a commitment to putting the client first, we seek to provide excellent products and solutions while also being proactive in addressing any issues that may arise along the investment journey.

At Amin & Wilson;

  • We prioritize clients’ needs above all
  • We empower clients with informed investment decisions
  • We ensure 100% transparency throughout the investment process

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We hold our clients’ hard-earned money in high regard and strive to provide them with expert guidance in making sound investment decisions. Our unwavering commitment is to strategically place each investment to yield the greatest possible benefit.

Our investment framework comprises three core components

  • Invest in the right cash flow
  • Prudent risk management
  • Targeted return on investment
Redefining Real-Estate Investment Consultancy in UAE

Our Services

Off Plan Project Investment

Our extensive network and market expertise enable us to offer off-plan properties with investment strategies that provide safety, security, and the highest possible ROI.

          • Optimal payment plans
          • Wide range of units
          • Leveraging investments

Residential Sales

Comprehensive real estate services, from buying or selling a residential unit, and ensure a seamless and stress-free experience from start to finish.

      • Penthouses, villas, apartments, or studios
      • World-class amenities and features
      • Properties to fit your budget

Commercial Sales

Navigate commercial property investments, including office spaces, lands, and industrial spaces, with creative and profitable strategies to succeed in today’s market.

        • Best-commercialized areas in Dubai
        • Most favorable values
        • Higher returns on investment

Investor Services

A clear roadmap of investment strategies to invest in ideal properties in Dubai with the best exit strategies ensuring you achieve the maximum ROI.

          • Golden visa opportunities
          • Guidance for leverage
          • Consistent support and expertise

Mortgage Finance Consultancy

Select the ideal down payment to secure lucrative interest rates and choose a suitable duration that aligns with your investment budget.

            • Best mortgage plans
            • Profitable interest rates
            • Ideal down payments

Leasing Services

Position your property in the market and leverage it in our online and offline marketing channels to expose it to the broadest possible range of potential tenants.

          • Positioning in the market
          • Leveraging in listings
          • Customized real estate strategy
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We strive with a core premise of ‘only the client in mind’ and apply this to all aspects of our business.

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